Macaw bird for sale

My Macaw bird for sale are raised in my aviary with me, they are hand-fed and hand-raised. We breed selectively for temperament and health and beauty. We offer adorable colors including blue and gold, red, green winged, grey parrots, hyacinth macaws. Most of my Macaws Parrots are Registered. 

I take pictures of the Macaws between 3 to 5 days to update our website and this is when they appear on my available Macaws Parrots page. Please send me an email if you want to see what we have . Shipping is available with crate will incur a small fee for their health DNA certificate.

We are specialized with Blue and Gold Macaws , Hyacinth Macaws, Green Winged Macaws for sale
Our Macaws parrots are quite distinguished looking, They are easy to recognize with their large heads, strong curved beak, and they have an elegant long tail. They are also very smart and inquisitive birds, and they are also lively and playful. Being highly intelligent and very social, they need a lot of attention and toys to keep them busy. Our Blue and Gold Macaws parrots , Hyacinth Macaws parrots and Green Winged Macaws Birds adapt well to captivity, adjusting easily to their cage or aviary and their new home. A young macaw will tame quickly and bond to its keepers. The feather coloring of the macaws is vibrant and beautiful. The most familiar types of macaws are large parrots though a there are also a few species, known as mini macaws, that are medium sized. No matter what their size, they are all captivating birds. Visit our bird store today and get a lovely macaw parrot and spice up your home and family.

Macaw Parrots for sale
Macaws parrots are vividly colored parrots that are large to medium in size. In decorating the feathers of these strikingly birds, nature surely ran wild in creating such dynamic and beautiful color combinations. These large, muscular macaw birds have strong beaks that do earn them a degree of respect, and all macaw types are highly intelligent. Blue and Gold Macaws , Hyacinth Macaws, Green Winged Macaws species include the large Macaws and mini Macaws, and a number of hybrid Macaws have also been produced in captivity.

Though Blue and Gold Macaws , Hyacinth Macaws, Green Winged Macaws, especially the large Macaws, have a daunting presence and formidable beaks, they are highly intelligent. These stunning birds show exquisite control, selectively using their powerful beaks with finesse. They are able to interact with their keepers on many levels and quickly learn tricks. Many Macaw species are not only wonderful as pets, but make great show birds. Blue and Gold Macaws , Hyacinth Macaws, Green Winged Macaws calls are loud, but for some pet macaws this can transfer nicely into the ability to speak

Our Macaws Parrots Gallery for sale

​​Our Macaws are playful birds who love to fly around the house.Blue and Gold Macaws birds , Hyacinth Macaws Birds and Green Winged Macaws Birds can be very enchanting, besides being beautiful they are attention-seekers. A common behavior that has been observed in the macaw bird is that they present one side of their face slowly moving their heads to present the other side. This birds are fun loving taken one home will make you happy and spice up your living.

Care; Our Blue and Gold Macaws birds , Hyacinth Macaws Birds and Green Winged Macaws Birds needs a cage tall enough to prevent their tails and feathers from hitting the cage bottom, which can cause the tail feathers to bend or break. Our macaw birds needs a much larger cage and play stand than other parrot species, so a potential owner should take space considerations into account.

Feeding; Our Blue and Gold Macaws birds , Hyacinth Macaws Birds and Green Winged Macaws Birds here feed on native seeds, fruits, flowers, leaves, palm nuts, figs, nectar, and, in some regions, clay from exposed river banks. The dietary needs of some macaw bird species differ from that of other parrots because they need more fat in their diet. The wild macaw’s birds diet tends to be high in fat, which is acceptable for a bird that spends its day flying through the rainforest, finding food, nesting, and rearing chicks. Macaw bird for sale



​Am Beverly Jamaine,ordered a lovely bird from you guys and received it here in France. Just want to thank you guys a lot. He is cute and playful too and so fun to be with.
Beverly Jamaine
I got my 2 birds shipped to me here in Canada. The scarlet macaw bird is so so lovely and also so funny. They are cute and love playing too.Got them at the airport as i was told. Looking forward to getting another bird from here. Again thanks
Angel L.
I am a bird lover from Sweden and i have 3 birds already, i want to start breeding macaw birds too and i want some guidance and help on how to start breeding birds. I got my first bird from you guys in 2015 and i would really love to start breeding too. I really want to build a big breeding house like you guys
Mellina Diall
Your Macaw birds are absolutely beautiful. They are fun loving and in my children have fallen in love with them. The Scarlet is perfect and playful too. The birds are good i must say and i don't regret getting them. Though i had my doubts at first but those are all cleared
Chloe K.