Shipping process

Here, we take care of all our shipping and flight arrangements for our cute birds. All you will need to do is to pick up your lovely bird from or at the nearest airport on the same day within 3 to 5 hours.It is simply and also very very safe.We ship only through the airlines.


If necessary, we ship at buyer’s expense via Delta Cargo,United Pet Safe. We will handle and coordinate the flight procedure and process. All shipping cost will depend on the locations where you are.

​What is included in the price

1) Health Certificate from an Avian Vet. (Fecal Examination), (physical examination)
2.) DNA Certificate
Small Cage
Food Sample
Blood work Testing upon request
Our Birds are disease free but if you need blood work please request.


Here, we have the strongest bird guarantee for our birds in the country, and importantly, we stand behind our bird guarantee. The guarantee is very simple: We guarantee that we are selling you a perfectly healthy macaw bird. To verify that guarantee, within five days you need to go to an Avian Vet and get any and all testing you prefer to do on your macaw bird, at your expense. We will guide you as to the tests we suggest. If the results are not perfect but the bird can be easily treated, then we will pay for all medications and all treatments that is necessary. If the results are unacceptable then we either replace your bird or refund 100% of the purchase price of your bird, it all depends on which you prefer