The Blue and gold macaw for sale is possibly the most stunning of the macaw bird family, and is certainly the largest. It is the largest of all parrots. Originally from Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia, the Blue and gold macaw bird is the “Great Dane” of companion birds, with the mature male reaching over 40 inches in length. Very few people actually have a blue and gold macaw for sale as a companion, and will probably only have the pleasure of seeing one in a zoo or a larger bird shop. Despite its size, penchant for destruction, loudness and expense, this blue macaw is the penultimate companion bird for the person who has the time, patience and wallet to properly keep this beautiful beast.


  • Macaw Breed _____ Blue and Gold
  • DNA Tested _____ Yes
  • Availability ______ Ready to Leave
  • Macaw Age _______19 Months
  • Macaw Sex _______ Girl and Boy

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Blue and Gold Macaws bird Care & Feeding

If a blue-and-gold macaw bird remains healthy, it can live for about 70 years. This is a bird breed that will be with you for a lifetime, and you should prepare for this possibility, which may even include a trust or a clause in your Will dedicated to the bird.In the wild, most macaws birds, including blue-and-gold macaw bird, eat a variety of seeds, plant material, fruits, and nuts. The wild macaw’s diet tends to be high in fat, which is acceptable for a bird that spends its day flying through the rainforest, finding food, nesting, and rearing chicks. Blue and gold macaw for sale

Blue and Gold Macaw bird Personality

Blue and Gold Macaw bird breeds are a force to be reckoned with. Everything about the macaw bird breed is big, from their voices to their attitudes. Even the mini macaw birds are big. on the inside! Colorful and often raucous, they call attention to themselves even when quiet. Although, to the uninitiated, macaws seem formidable and may bluster and carry on, those who share their lives with these magnificent friends know that they contain surprisingly soft and loving hearts and sensitive natures. Macaw people adore their great friends to the very core of their bein… and for good reason. It only takes one gentle kiss from their giant beaks to open the stoniest of hearts.